The graphics card Titan V Nvidia, the best GPUS for mining crypto-currencies

Nvidia launched a new GPU very powerful at the end of last week. It is the Nvidia Titan V that has been evaluated by experts as being the best graphics card for mining crypto-currencies. BitsBeTrippin tests were conducted on this new graphics chip. It has been associated with the processor Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and is integrated in the motherboard Asus Rog Zenith Extreme with DDR RAM 4 64 Gb. The cooler liquid CPU was provided by a Corsair H110i.

During this test, it was found that it could provide a frequency of 77 MH/s with an average fuel consumption of 237 W. A performance that is quite impressive for a GPU.

Here is the announcement of the launch of this new graphics card :

A GPU that expensive

This graphics card is much faster than the Radeon RX Vega 64 from AMD. However, the Titan V costs around 2 999 dollars. Its price is a lot higher than the Vega 64, which is proposed to be 650 dollars.

Hyins, Wikimedia Commons

In terms of quality / price ratio, this GPU is not as interesting. In fact, it is possible to turn to other chips to mine digital currency. In particular, there is the GTX 1080 that would be perfect for such an operation. The Titan V is designed for the AI, and researchers.

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The Titan model is much more efficient

This is the first card of the Titan brand. It allows you to use the next technology Volta from Nvidia. It is therefore auspicious for the performance of mining. Although this is not a good news for the players, this GPU is perfect to undermine effectively the various crypto-currencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Everything will depend on the evolution of the universe, the mining of digital currencies next year. This market is currently thriving and is attracting more and more investors.

Source : TechRadar