The guru of finance James Altucher launches a business of crypto-currencies

Lately, on the web, the media have highlighted the american author, fund manager, podcaster and entrepreneur James Altucher. Today, the u.s. financial has been riding on the trend of the phenomenon Bitcoin and some even call it the guru of the crypto-currency. This week, journalists have indicated that Altucher and its partners plan to raise $ 10 million to launch a company in exchange of digital currencies.

If you missed this announcement, here are the details :

A good news for the market of crypto-currencies

James Altucher is a character. It can be readily distinguished with his hair eccentrics. In addition, he regularly gives his opinion on the financial market. These last few days, the comments Altucher have been related to crypto-currencies. Altucher operated in the financial sector for many years. Besides, the specialists often called the guru of finance. This week, it was revealed that Altucher would have supported a company called Bitzumi who plans to propose exchanges of Bitcoins.

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Bitzumi is a company that specializes in the trade of virtual currency, primarily Bitcoin. The company plans to launch their business divisions with a progressive approach. In a first step, it plans to develop a publishing company and marketing to educate users.

Bitzumi plans to raise $ 10 million

Altucher expects to reap $ 10 million for the launch of this activity. A portion of this money ($1 million) will be used for the dissemination of information bulletins relating to this project. The company has already begun this phase on October 9, 2017 when Bitzumi has entered into a partnership with Agora Financial. After this step, they will then put in place a system of exchanges.

The company also envisages the establishment of features of processing of payments in crypto-currency. This company will be fully regulated thanks to its collaboration with the IRS, the CFTC and the SEC.

Source : NewsBitcoin