The House of Lords recommends the exploration of the technology Blockchain

The upper Chamber of the british Parliament, the House of Lords, has recommended exploration of the various possible applications of the technology, Blockchain, or the technology of the registers distributed (DLT) in all government departments.

The House of Lords wants to learn more

The Chamber added that the government should study the technology in areas such as national security and public safety, health care, cyber security and customs and immigration. In its report, the upper House has pointed out that there are many opportunities for the DLT in all government departments. It was also stated that the adoption of the Blockchain in the public sector could alter the relationship between government and its citizens through the mechanisms of trust decentralized offered by the technology.

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Take advantage of the technology Blockchain

In the preface, the main author of the report, Lord Christopher Holmes, said that the DLT can play a key role in the improvement of government services and strengthen the competitive position of the country as a world leader in technological innovations. In addition to the potential benefits of the technology, the report mentions the risks associated with its adoption, because it is still new and ” immature “. It presents as example the risks related to the ICO and crypto-currencies in general.


The government must take its responsibilities

The Chamber also stated that “greater leadership” from the government is needed to improve decision-making and the delivery of public services. The Chamber underlines, in particular, serious political will must be adopted to continue research initiatives, standards development, testing and strengthening of interdepartmental cooperation in the field of DLT.

Source : Cointelegraph