The ICO have helped raise nearly $ 2 billion this year

Despite the reluctance of investors concerning the ICO, many are still interested in this type of investment. In fact, nearly 2 billion dollars have already been raised since the beginning of the year. 2018 is on track to surpass comfortably the total of $ 5.7 billion dollars in 2017. But with the structure of these sales now oriented more towards the private investors, the general public simply just projects not serious. The data show that 84 % of all fund-raising conducted by ICO this year from private investors.

Private sales are helping the rich to become even richer

When crowdsales appeared, they were presented as a way to collect funds and create a diverse community. For some time, it is more or less like this that the things are produced. But in 2018, the landscape of the ICO has changed. Last year, private investors have still got the first prize on the best crowdsales. The public sale has been overlooked. While the sale process takes place in private, leaving the selections to be very limited for the general public.

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Recent figures published by Tokendata show that on the 1.97 billion of dollars invested in the offices of the country this year, $ 1.63 billion, or 84 %, went to private investors. In addition, these data do not take into account the $ 850 million it reported during the private sale of Telegram, an event so exclusive that only the largest investors are invited.

The ICO handing out modest gains

94 ICO that Tokendata has followed this year, 28 now have chips available for trade on the stock exchanges. At this point, the average return on investment for tokens purchased through ICO and sold on a stock exchange is only 2.17 times and the return on ETH is 0.75 times. In other words, it would have been more profitable in many cases to keep the ether since the beginning of the year to be exchanged for new tokens.

Thanks to the discounts to be applied during a pre-sale, it is much easier for private investors to realize a considerable profit.

Source : NewsBitcoin