The ICO still have options despite a strengthening of regulations

These days, it seems that the rules of the ICO and exchanges of crypto-currencies are more and more present everywhere around the world. The SEC has already ruled on the DAO, while China and South Korea have banned the ICO. Even the Swiss are beginning to be cautious. It may well be that the golden age of the ICO will soon stop. However, some of the ICO are seeking new ways to circumvent the regulations in different countries. Whether it is rules with regard to the ICO as other regulations concerning virtual enterprises. Here are three options that could be used to overcome the regulations in a legal way.


One of the options to dodge the regulatory climate is to divide the tokens in tokens “security” and tokens of type ” utility “. The objective of this process is to allow the investment without falling into the nets of the SEC. The key difference between these two types of tokens is the payment of the dividend. This framework will allow, for example, a company, say his tokens, and to receive investments from u.s. investors, while protecting the regulatory control of the SEC.

Buy his freedom

The other option that some companies are considering is to simply acquire another entity with the regulatory compliance required. By buying the company and by transferring the rights or legal controls needed, the parent may adopt the business model of the subsidiary and dodge the regulations.

The agreement ” SAFT “

The last plausible option is based on the agreement ” SAFT “. SAFT means ” Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. This process consists largely limited the participants to the ICO investors “accredited” or ” sophisticated “. In reality, it is investors who have an income of at least $ 200,000 or net assets in excess of 1 million dollars. All in all, these investors are well above the criteria of regulation because of their level of financial sophistication. In other words, they should have enough experience to not invest no matter how. Finally, although the regulations continue to strengthen, these different options will also continue to thrive.