The Internet Archive now accepts the Bitcoin Cash, and the Zcash as gifts

The NGO, the Internet Archive has included the digital currencies Bitcoin and Cash Zcash as payment options for those who want to make a donation to help maintain its operations. The Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet artifacts, and Web pages. The organization serves as host for the Wayback Machine, a service that takes snapshots of Web pages over time.

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The Internet Archive opens to crypto-currencies

In a recent statement, the Internet Archive announced that the donations of internet users will contribute to fulfill the mission of ensuring that the Internet will remain ” free, secure, and backed up indefinitely. “” In the Internet Archive, we’re big fans of the movement, crypto-currencies and we have tried our best to test and support the other ways of the trade “, a-t-on could read on the blog of the Internet Archive.


The Internet Archive remains in its lineage

The Internet Archive has also announced that it keeps the assets in crypto-currencies in its portfolio and does not convert foreign currency traditional. The group supports donations in Bitcoin since 2012, and has allowed its staff to be paid in the main crypto-currency since 2013. “We also want to see how the Bitcoin can be used “, said an official at the Internet Archive. In addition, the NGO has also announced that it expects to create a backup of all books, audio files, Web pages, television programming, and the software already on the market and those that will be launched soon.

It is important to remember that the Internet Archive was created by Brewster Kahle in may 1996 for the purpose of providing free public access to scanned documents. Among these materials include music, Web sites, applications, games, software, films and videos. The Internet Archive joined Wikileaks in accepting payments in crypto-currencies.

Source : Cointelegraph