The inventor of Bitcoin would have stolen $ 5 billion dollars to its associated

In 2016, we have learned that Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of Bitcoin. However, it would be in reality, Craig Wright, and he would have defrauded his former partner who died in 2013, Dave Kleiman, about $ 5 billion.

An association dangerous

It is a sordid affair, which plays currently in the United States. In fact, the family of Dave Kleiman has decided to lodge a complaint against Craig Wright. The two men were friends. The analyst specialized in computer science passed away in 2013 after a staph infection. However, the one who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto would have then stolen a lot of money to his partner.

Pixabay – Rum-cajs / The inventor of Bitcoin would have actually stolen the assets of his partner after his death.

The two men had set up in Florida a company called W&K Info Defense Research LLC, in 2011. Then they would have invented the crypto-currency the most famous currently, to know the Bitcoin. But Craig Wright’s pretending to be his one and only inventor. The problem is that the company owned at the time 1.1 million of Bitcoins. As you say the sum is now extremely important !

A flight of several billion dollars

The family of Dave Kleiman discovered the pot aux roses and decided to make the complaint. According to the survey conducted by their lawyer, Craig Wright would have backdated some documents to complete the transfer of the portfolios of Dave Kleiman to his own holding. One speaks here of several billion dollars, but also of patents relating to the famous technology BlockChain.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The two men held patents and had invented the crypto-currency.

It seems that, legally, Dave Kleiman was the only officer of the company, and, therefore, that all of the Bitcoins belonged to him. It is not less than 10 billion dollars. But the family claims that half.

The creation of Bitcoin would therefore be less “pretty” than what we were sold. There is behind it a sordid affair of association and of death. And even volume which is not only very serious but also very immoral.

The case is now brought before the justice, who must decide and define the level of responsibility of the one who shouts out loud to have invented Bitcoin, namely Satoshi Nakamoto.

Source : BloomBerg