The iranian government is going in the direction of the users of Bitcoin

In an interview with the local newspaper Farsi Shargh, iran’s minister of information Technologies and Communication (ICT), Amir Hossein Davaee, revealed that the ministry of ICT has sought to prepare the country to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method legal.


Towards a redesign of the digital infrastructure

The ministry of information Technologies and Communications has already conducted a number of studies in the framework of efforts to prepare the infrastructure necessary to use global of Bitcoin in the country. The leader of iran has put the emphasis on the economic aspects, and infrastructure of the inherent potential of the crypto-currencies. The adoption of this digital infrastructure will help the general interests of Iran, said the official. He continues by adding that a redesign of the digital infrastructure to fully integrate crypto-currencies like Bitcoin is one of the main objectives of the department.


Restore the vitality of the economic and financial

In the past, Iran has experienced a big slowdown of the banking systems of the traditional caused by economic sanctions. Thus, it is easy to understand why the country is turning to new technologies financial, such as crypto-currencies. In 2012, the network of international payment SWIFT has removed Iran from its network. The impact of this decision has also been felt on the global businesses involved in transactions in Bitcoin with entrepreneurs in Iran. The research conducted by Iran to revamp its digital infrastructure in order to adapt to crypto-currency to arrive at the same time or Catalonia also wants to create its own crypto-currency. Iran therefore wants to follow in the footsteps of Uruguay and Russia.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews