The iranian society Lioncomputer agrees to turn the Bitcoin

Lioncomputer is a company specialized in the sale of computer equipment online. It started its activities in 2013. Today, the company accepts payments in Bitcoin on their site. Lioncomputeur wants to actively support the community of miners of Bitcoins in iran. Yasser Ahmadi, executive at Lioncomputer said on the support of Lioncomputer is manifested by the organisation of forums about the mining of crypto-currencies. The company also provided the latest equipment of mining Bitcoins.

Lioncomputer is one of the few online shopping sites to accept the Bitcoin in Iran

According to Ahmadi, because of the sanctions on the import that affect Iran, it became difficult for minors iranians to follow the technological innovations in mining of crypto-currencies. He adds that because of these penalties and the high price of the professional equipment of mining, most miners use graphics cards standard. And after always Ahmadi, Lioncomputer ” provides about 90 % of the material used on the market the mining of crypto-currencies. “One of the main reasons that has pushed Lioncomputer to accept payments in Bitcoins is the lack of products that can be purchased with crypto-currencies. In Iran, the miners are seeking ways to spend their Bitcoins and there are not a lot of places they can go.

Lioncomputer does not stop there

On October 17, the conference hall of the library of iran will host the BTCday. It is an event organized by Lioncomputer and intended to promote the Bitcoin and the technology ” of records distributed. “Thanks to this event, Lioncomputer hopes to make the technology Blockchain and crypto-currencies more accessible to investors, miners, and the public at large. The feedback for this event have exceeded all expectations of Lioncomputer. In fact, all tickets were sold out in just 72 hours. Thus, there will be over 700 participants during the BTCday, including 500 in the conference room and 200 that followed the conference live online. According to Ahmadi, representatives of the iranian central Bank and the government are expected to attend the event. Thus, a wide range of topics should be addressed. We will discuss probably in the history of Bitcoin, the situation of the mining of crypto-currencies, weight of the ICO, and issues regulations.

Source : News.Bitcoin