The israeli Prime minister is aware of the potential of Bitcoin

With the soaring value of Bitcoin this year and the craze that there has been around this crypto-currency, it is surprising that all the leaders of the world have not yet spoken about the topic. In some countries, such as South Korea, Russia, or China, subject, however, is not taken lightly.

Recently, the israeli Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke relative to this technology. He has indicated that the Bitcoin is in the process of develop, while the banks are destined to disappear.

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The banks are condemned to disappear

During a question and answer session at the israeli Parliament, a reporter asked the Prime minister if he would encourage israelis to invest in the Bitcoin. He replied why not. Mr. Netanyahu has explained that the Bitcoin is like money. However, it is important to put in place a system that will limit the risk of fraud, he said. At this meeting, he also said that the banks are destined to disappear.

When journalists asked him his opinion on the follow-up to the current exchange rate, the Prime minister has indicated that it will be impossible to continue at this pace. Netanyahu is a graduate of MIT, and before his political career, he was economic consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Israel, a country in which is developed the Bitcoin

Like many other countries around the world, Israel has also been swept away by the mania of Bitcoin over the past two weeks. Local media outlets report the evolution of the price of this virtual currency. They interview investors who have become millionaires thanks to this solution.

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The financial press, israel is also focused on the Bitcoin. In fact, everything that is linked to the crypto-currency attracts readers.

Source : NewsBitcoin