The japanese company GMO Internet will launch a new application for the exchanges of crypto-currencies in the United Kingdom

Brokers japanese already dominate the global market in online trading of foreign currencies and CFDS. And it seems that they are trying to take advantage of the regulatory framework for crypto-currencies in the countries in order to develop to the international. The last example is for a deployed application in the United Kingdom created by two groups whose headquarters is in Tokyo.

A new application called Pipster Trade, the international brand of the japanese giant GMO, has announced the launch of a new app for mobile trading FX and crypto-currencies. The group has collaborated with Finatext UK for the development of this application called Pipster. It should be available for Android and iOS in the coming months. The developers have stated that this application will enable investors to have a method of trading smart and simplified. She would suggest different features which price indicators are based on technical analysis, the latest news and analysis tools various.

Here is a video in English explaining in detail about this announcement :

The application focused also on the development of a community and provide a range of learning tools, including videos, interactive quizzes and charts designed to easily explain the basics of the trade of crypto-currencies. The traders FX will be able to benefit from the best trading technology.

Several companies have collaborated for the realization of this project Trade is part of the group is GMO Internet, including the online service provider, GMO Click Security is considered as one of the leading providers of Forex. The group has offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok. It offers services in foreign exchange, CFDS and trading of securities in the world. Earlier this year, it has announced the expansion of its activity and its desire to operate on the market of crypto-currencies.

Finatext UK is the uk subsidiary of Finatext Ltd, a firm fintech based in Tokyo, specializing in applications of financial education, services, Big Data, and other trading solutions. The service is licensed and regulated by the FCA (financial supervision Authority).

Source : NewsBitcoin