The japanese group LDA proposes to pay more than 4,700 employees in Bitcoin

At the beginning, the Bitcoin was considered to be an investment asset it was possible to speculate. Over time, its mission has evolved. Now, in some countries, this digital currency is used to pay for different purchases. It does not stop there, because the japanese group the LDA has developed a payment system to allow its 4 700 employees to receive a portion of their pay in Bitcoin.

Balance sheet

A real revolution is in market in the world of crypto-currencies. Despite the restrictions announced by many governments, the market for Bitcoin is currently very well.

A payment system based on the Bitcoin

The leader of the Internet in Japan, BMT Group, has announced that its employees would begin to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin beginning in the month of February 2018. This device applies only to employees of LDA, but it gradually expanded to the whole group.

Here are the details of this news :

The company also has 42 subsidiaries that are part of the group. They include GMO Corners, the subsidiary specializing in crypto-currencies, and GMO Click, one of the largest platforms exchange in the world. The payment Bitcoin minimum will initially be 10 000 yen and the upper limit will be 100 000 yen.

BMT to manage the transactions in-house

After the launch of its business of trading of crypto-currencies, in may, the LDA announced in September its intention to expand their activity in mining. The company is planning to invest about 10 billion yen in the next few years to build a farm mining.

In its announcement, the group stated that the mining activity will be launched in January 2018. He added that the LDA will contribute to the development of digital currencies in the world. A decision that will surely other companies specializing in crypto-currencies.

Source : NewsBitcoin