The japanese group SBI Conglomerate launches eight companies based on the crypto-currencies

The digital currencies are attracting more and more investor enthusiasm. If there is still a few years, they were few to begin in this market, today, one observes the development of the specialized companies in the field. The market leaders currently are the United States and Japan. China is still indecisive and has even banned the use of these crypto-currencies.

Recently, the financial services company based in Japan, SBI Group, announced its intention to create several new companies based on this technology. The group is developing simultaneously for eight activities, including the management of Hedge Funds, mining and a market of derivatives.

The integration of crypto-currencies in the financial ecosystem of the group

Yoshitaka Kitao, president of the group, explained their plans at the information session on the results of the company at the end of October 2017. He detailed how the company will continue to pursue synergies between its current ecosystem, and its new financial ecosystem based on the crypto-currencies.

Here is a video explaining the plans of the group :

The group plans to launch a trading platform of virtual currency. This space will focus in particular on customer relationships. On the other hand, the group also intends to create a site of exchanges of crypto-currencies in Hong Kon.

The actions to implement

In the mining sector, SBI Group plans to acquire units of the exchange digital through mining in order to stabilize the market. Kitao explained that currently, they are waiting for the appropriate time to start their services in exchange for crypto-currencies. The company also intends to contribute to the stabilization of the sector and providing new business opportunities to institutional investors.

In addition, the group also plans to take over management of a platform which will broadcast information about the ICO. In early October, Morningstar Japan has announced the launch of the first ICO in the country. The majority shareholder of Morningstar Japan’s SBI Group, which has 49,54 % of the shares of the company.

Source : CoinTelegraph