The Korean firm Coinone launches a physical complex for the transactions of crypto-currencies

Coinone is the third largest market of bitcoins in South Korea, has opened a physical market for crypto-currencies. Six crypto-currencies are supported, including Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The complex that hosts the market is the one-stop bitcoin, a large screen with information on the trends of the market and a service of consultation in face-to-face with a trader or an analyst.

Coinone Blocks, a complex in ” 4D “

Coinone has announced the launch of ” Coinone Blocks “, which the company describes as ” the first area 4D of the Blockchain in the world “. This new branch of physics allows, in particular, to carry out exchanges of crypto-currencies off-line. Customers can also purchase wallets USB. The complex has an atm physical as well as a large screen where the information regarding the digital currency are displayed. It is important to note that crypto-currencies supported are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP and QTUM. The Coinone Blocks is located in Yeouido, in the district of Yeongdeungpo, in the south-west of Seoul. It is open Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h.

What is the need to offer a physical market ?

Coinone is the third largest market of bitcoins in South Korea, according to Coinhils. The volume of daily transactions is comparable to that of Korbit, the second largest Korean market. Bithumb remains the most important market of bitcoins with 76 % market share. In addition to operating a platform for crypto-currencies, Coinone was also in charge of the Cross, a payment service based on the technology of Blockchain.

“Korean consumers have been asking for recently a more secure way to exchange crypto-currencies “, said the daily Korean Joongang Daily. “Coinone Blocks is designed to meet the needs of consumers who want to receive the best services,” explained a spokesman for Coinone. The consultants of Coinone Blocks can help customers to solve the problems related to monetary transactions digital. They can also discuss technologies and policies related to the future funding based on the technology of Blockchain. The purpose of Coinone Blocks is to create an ecosystem that is healthy and transparent for the digital currency.