The largest market for Bitcoin in Germany will allow the exchange of Ethereum, the largest German market for the trading of Bitcoin will soon be on its platform-a medium for those who want to share Ethereum. The support will be put in place over the next few weeks. In an interview with, a site devoted to the Bitcoin, an employee of has stated that the company has taken a decision to integrate the Ethereum because of the overall increase in the demand for altcoins (crypto-currencies alternatives). wants to boost the market share of Europe in terms of exchange of crypto-currencies

Despite the presence of policy and regulatory frameworks favourable for the enterprises specialized in the trade of Bitcoins and investors in the technology Blockchain, Europe has continually been lagging behind that of the United States, Japan and South Korea in terms of development of crypto-currencies, and trading volumes. According to CryptoCompare, a provider of data regarding the market of Bitcoin, the european market is only the fourth worldwide market of Bitcoin behind Japan, the United States and South Korea with a market share of 5 %. But the exit of China from the world circuit of trade of Bitcoins has led to the overall restructuring of the market. In just two weeks, Europe has been transformed into an important market for the exchange of Bitcoins.

Ethereum can improve the ranking of Europe on a global level

In the coming months, thanks to the integration of Ethereum and other crypto-currencies alternative, Europe could very likely become a major market of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Indeed, currently, Europe has become the third largest market for Ethereum in terms of trading volume, representing more than 7.5 % of international trade of Ethereum. Given that the trading platforms and regional markets such as continue to integrate Ethereum and affirm their support for the crypto-currency alternative, Europe will probably see a significant improvement in the adoption and regulation of crypto-currencies.