The launch of Byzantium, the next major update of the Ethereum

The next update of the Ethereum, the second largest virtual currency in the world is expected by a week. The code says “Byzantium” will be applied in the context of an upgrade, more important, called ” Metropolis “. A common strategy for the upgrade of the related currencies. The changes will therefore be accepted by all stakeholders, using technology, Ethereum.

However, the use of this mechanism in the past has had mixed results for the Ether. Up to now, the technology could enable the creation of a single solution.

A technology developed since 2015

Given that the changes made by Byzantium have been described in the roadmap of Ethereum since 2015, it is unlikely that this will become a problem. With two updates major, Byzantium can be considered as an upgrade curator who will introduce the nine protocols.

The modifications have been made to make the technology much more efficient. By the way, there is still work to do for the upgrade. The integration of Byzantium depends on the update of the network. The main objective in the days to come will be to ensure that users who offer software in this network are ready for the upgrade.

To pursue innovation

Start-ups are responsible for the supervision of users, therefore, must ensure that their software contains the EIP. Although each user applies the same rules, they are written in different programming languages and supported by different teams of developers.

The goal here is to enable innovation while retaining a basic protocol stable. In the course of the next week, all users of Ethereum will be required to use this update. Most of them are already ready for this upgrade. They will also benefit from a technology that is much more complete.

Source : CoinDesk