The law of ukraine can separate the mining of crypto-currencies

Legislators ukrainians should separate the regulation of the mining of the legal status of crypto-currencies. This new measure has been proposed by the chair of an important parliamentary committee which criticized the agencies in charge of applying the law on the digital currency. This week, the forces of law and order in the country have confiscated mining equipment during a series of raids. The authorities have stated that crypto-currencies were used to finance the separatist pro-Russian.

An initiative that is more just

The member of the Ukrainian Olexandr Danshenko, chairman of the committee for informatization and communications to the Rada, has suggested that the crypto-currency and mining are regulated separately. He condemned the Ukrainian security services to have put pressure on the miners. The mp said that mining is just a calculation. The share of Ukraine in the mining market worldwide is only 3 %, said Mr. Danshenko.

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Separate the mining of crypto-currencies is the best decision, he continued. The vice-prime minister and minister of the economic Development of the country, Stepan Kubiv, has agreed that the issue could be resolved by drafting a relevant draft laws. Olexandr Danshenko has warned that many miners ukrainians are leaving the country because of the repression of the authorities. He has stated that Canada is in the process of creating optimal conditions for mining and that the Ukrainians are investing their money.

The miners are under pressure

Raids on several mining facilities in Kiev have been conducted on Thursday. 400 mining facilities have been confiscated during a search in the factory PJSC Kvazar located in the capital. Police seized more than a thousand of graphics cards, 1 500 hard drives, 500 motherboards and notebook computers.

Source : LauraTara, Pixabay. Minors ukrainians are under pressure.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, revenues from mining operations were used to finance terrorist activities in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Documents with bank details, the russians found during raids were financial transfers to the territories controlled by the forces pro-Russian.

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