The mail-Telegram is going to launch its own crypto-currency

Telegram has decided to go even further and provide the means for his ambition. In fact, according to the website information american, TechCrunch, the e-mail plans to launch its own crypto-currency. Back on this announcement, which is a lot to talk about…

An important announcement

Telegram may well realize the most important ICO in recent months. In fact, the e-mail with 180 million active users and has plans to launch very soon its own platform BlockChain. This will be the Telegram Open Network (TON), in a BlockChain of third generation, after that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The protocol should in theory allow you to achieve millions of transactions per second and will be used by billions of users. It is, in any case, this announcement was made by Pavel Durov, the owner and founder of Telegram. And in the process, Telegram should take the opportunity to launch his own crypto-currency, which will be called Grams.

Bloomberg – Pavel Durov

A big fund-raising

The mail-Telegram plans to finance the launch of its BlockChain with a token. These are actions, specifically adapted to the sector of the crypto-currency. However, to realize this project, Telegram is required to raise $ 500 million in a first time, and then between 3 and 5 billion then, at the time of the distribution of Grams. However, this exercise will therefore be the largest ever seen to this day.

Many benefits

By having its own crypto-currency, Telegram would, of course, in financial independence, especially from governments and banks. What is the main advantage of the e-mail. But that’s not all ! In effect, users will also be winners. With the Grams, for example, they can work around the transfer fees when they send funds to the international level. Thus, they will be able to move money discreetly in the world.

The project is ambitious and should be accomplished quickly, since the operation would be scheduled for march 2018. As for the rest of the services, it will have to wait for 2019 to see it happen. So please be patient !

Source : The Echos