The market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded us $ 100 billion

Since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin has steadily grown. This weekend, his price has reached a new record, exceeding the $ 6,300. There are still a few years, nobody would have bet on this digital currency. Over the years, investors are increasingly interested in Bitcoin. Currently, one Bitcoin is worth close to 6 $ 125. The total value of this virtual currency is of more than 100 billion dollars, which means that it represents more than half of the global market of crypto-currencies.

Despite the repression of many governments, including China, the value of Bitcoin has not been disturbed by them. Critics of the big names from Wall Street, like Jamie Dimon, have not influenced the price of this virtual currency.

More than $ 3 billion collected thanks to the ICO

This year, the ICO has raised close to $ 3 billion. The warnings from the SEC and other oversight bodies have not impacted the development of the market of crypto-currencies in the world. The price of the Ether, the second crypto-currency is the most used, has climbed 8% last week.


Lisa Su, general manager of Advanced Micro Devices said that this sector will still grow.

A booming market

The year 2018 promises to be decisive for the market of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. In effect, the government nervous at the idea of regulating these digital currencies, are in the phase of establishing a regulatory framework. China has already announced its intention to lift the ban of the ICO and the exchange of crypto-currencies by 2018. It is the same for Russia, which wants to create a digital currency and national.

All these changes will contribute to the growth of this sector. Moreover, investors still remain cautious, because this technology still presents risks.

Source : Bloomberg