The market of crypto-currencies is growing : 3 altcoins incredible

This was a very good year for the market of crypto-currencies. The market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded us $ 100 billion, digital currencies are getting more than 6.6 billion per day. The ICO is developing more and more. It is clear that the technology Blockchain is surprising at this time.

The virtual currency, such as Bitcoin, are not controlled by an authority. The crypto-currencies offer a multitude of advantages, including anonymity, the facilitation of cross-border trade and transparency. A side of Bitcoin and Ethereum, who are the crypto-currencies used in the world, there are also altcoins, which are steadily increasing. Zoom on the three altcoins the more wacky.

WhopperCoin, a crypto-currency launched by Burger King Russia

WhopperCoin is a virtual currency launched by the fast food chain Burger King Russia. It is used in the context of a loyalty program. This program will be customers receive a token WhopperCoin for each ruble spent in a restaurant. When customers get 1 700 WhopperCoins, they can redeem a free burger.


The brand is in the process of developing a mobile application available on Android and iOS. Today, the Whopper is not only a hamburger sold in 90 countries, but also an investment tool.

PotCoin, a true lever for the marijuana industry

As described in its website, PotCoin is a crypto-currency allowing for the development of the industry of legal marijuana. This is the first virtual currency created to facilitate the transactions within the industry of cannabis legalization. It has a market capitalization of almost $ 16 million.

Made of unobtanium, the crypto-currency is the most rare in the world

Inspired by the mineral and elusive which constitutes the driving force of the film ” Avatar “, made of unobtanium claims to its fame as a crypto-currency the most rare in the world. Over the next 300 years, only 250,000 coins will be produced. With this original model, the market capitalization of this virtual currency is more than $ 11 million.

Source : FinFeed