The market value of Bitcoin is approaching $ 100 billion

Valuation total market of Bitcoin is reaching $ 100 billion. Currently this value is around $ 94 billion. The current market value is comparable to that of many multinational companies.

The Bitcoin continues to break records

During the last week, the market capitalization of Bitcoin has reached a new historical peak of over us $ 92 billion. In 2017, the market capitalization of Bitcoin has jumped more than 600 %, having started the year with just $ 15.6 billion approximately. Currently, it is to the tune of $ 94 billion. If we compare, the market capitalization of the top 100 global companies, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Bitcoin would rank 81st. The crypto-currency would be, therefore, only three positions behind Goldman Sachs, which shows a stock market capitalisation of 96 billion dollars. But it is in front of the postal service of the United States (93 billion).


The Bitcoin remains the crypto-currency ” queen “

The market capitalisation of the other crypto-currencies have also increased this year. Ethereum now has a total capitalization of $ 32.5 billion, which is higher than the GDP of some countries, such as Cameroon ($29.5 billion). Finally, with a value of $ 10 billion, the Ripple has the third largest market capitalisation of all crypto-currencies. Which would break just behind the 135th world economy, which is none other than Mongolia. In addition, the total market capitalization of all the crypto-currencies is now comparable to that of Philip Morris International. 175,2 billion dollars for crypto-currencies, against 175 billion for the company leader in the production of tobacco.

Moreover, the Bitcoin is by far the most important crypto-currency. In fact, it currently accounts for 54.4% of the total market capitalization of all crypto-currencies.

For the few people who do not yet know very well the Bitcoin here’s a video to get up to speed.

Source : News.Bitcoin