The means to buy and sell bitcoins without paying a fee

The exchanges cryptographic generate huge profits through fees, and those who want to make savings on tips of candles coat often increases Bitcoin because they don’t want to spend 5%-10% commissions for their initial deposits in USD or EURO, and they forget the thing for which the Bitcoin was originally designed; as a tool of payment decentralized and a stock of data.

Lamium is there to help the users of Bitcoins to save on costs as much as possible, and receive Bitcoins at market prices.

How ?

Lamium is positioning itself as a payment platform, decentralized, a bit like where the users help each other with payments invoiced in EUR, USD or CHF, and in exchange pay with or receive Bitcoins.

The platform has 3 products :

  • A service of bill payment, where individuals or companies upload bills (e.g.: rent, phone, utilities) and pay for it in Bitcoins. No registration is necessary for this service; simply upload your bill, deposit your Bitcoins, and a volunteer from the platform handles the payment for you in EUR or CHF.
  • A billing service for businesses and the self-employed, who have the possibility to charge their clients in USD, EUR or CHF, and in return, receive their compensation in Bitcoins. The beneficiaries need not be registered with Lamium to pay you, but you yes.
  • Because of these services, it would be logical for provide a simple service of buying/selling Bitcoins to its users, by only charging a low commission rate of 1.97% per transaction.
  • One of the main objectives of the platform is to remain decentralized. Lamium is always looking for new volunteers willing to help with bill payments or to receive funds from invoices, and thanks to these transactions, these volunteers have a tendency to buy or sell Bitcoins at the market price, avoiding the commissions. If you are interested, please contact the business development manager of Lamium : [email protected].

    Try today, and Use the promotional code COIN24 and pay only 0,98% on all transactions for your first two months. There is nothing better than Lamium !