The merits of the mining of crypto-currencies through the ToTheMoon Farm

Today, mining is one of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet. Appeared there not so long ago, it is rapidly gaining in popularity, as it offers numerous opportunities to obtain substantial additional revenue. The blasting is the process of generating a currency cryptography on the Internet. For this, it is necessary to install a graphics card and a software program appropriate on the computer.

By carrying out mathematical calculations, you can earn crypto-currencies, of which the payment is made through e-wallets or other means convenient to the user. To minimize the risks and costs associated with trade of crypto-currencies, ToTheMoon has developed a tool with the same name, aiming to provide hosting services for mining operations.

The details of this very ambitious project

ToTheMoon is a project in which a service organization of the mining is put at the disposal of the users all over the world. To minimize the cost of the customer, the company introduced a procedure of tokenization. On the basis of the capital existing mining, 51,75 million tokens TMT will be issued with ICO and 45 million potential customers.

Each token TMT bought gives the right to users to use the facilities of ToTheMoon without paying a subscription fee on the next 25 years. This means that, to get a place in the mining, it is essential to buy a number of chips.

That includes the standard offer ?

If you turn to this solution, it will be necessary to choose a standard package that includes the purchase of equipment and installation, the accommodation on the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment, as well as the maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

ToTheMoon Company offers customers the opportunity to take a position on the farm, to buy crypto-currencies and the necessary equipment on the official website of the company.