The Metropolitan Bank has decided to stop international money transfers related to crypto-currencies

The Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp (NYSE:MCB), one of the banks most dynamic in the United States, is used by many platforms trading of crypto-currencies. Now, this bank is listed on the New York stock Exchange will cease all international transfers related to crypto-currencies.

MCB-web-logo/Source : NYSE

Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp said goodbye to crypto-currencies

A client of NYSE:MCB revealed that the investment company in which he works has received a notice in which the bank claimed that it ” would immediately stop all international transfers involving crypto-currencies. “The bank added that it could not verify the compliance of international transfers from or to accounts of digital assets. It is important to remember that the Metropolitan Bank is called ” The Bitcoin Bank “, because it has – until now – been used by companies specializing in crypto-currencies and investment companies to carry out operations of wire transfers, and deposits.


Concern to all floors

Digital wallet Coinbase is part of the companies that use NYSE:MCB bank transfers, deposits and debit card, Shift, Bitcoin. As the bank has not issued any directive concerning the restoration of the service, it is not known what will happen to the Bitcoins that clients have in their portfolios. At first glance, everyone will suffer from this new. NYSE:MCB itself is likely to lose customers, and slow its growth. The decision also puts the investment firms in a precarious position. Investor funds will not be returned, because the u.s. funds currently hold the capital when dealing with the bank on behalf of their international clients. The decision of NYSE:MCB also raises concerns about the gel or the complete closure of the transactions to fund non-americans.

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