The mining of Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy

The value of Bitcoin has reached over $ 7,000 this year. More and more investors are interested in mining crypto-currency. In fact, some machines are sufficient to perform such an operation. In addition, a source of electricity is also required. It is for this reason that a group of minors or farm mine thrive today in the four corners of the globe.

The mining of Bitcoin becomes more complicated every day. But this does not prevent the users of this digital currency and to exploit its potential. In addition, these minors need to regularly update their computers. This involves the use of machinery more efficient, requiring a consumption of a large power.

How many KwH for each transaction of Bitcoins ?

On average, it will take 215 KwH of electricity for each transaction of Bitcoins. This consumption is equivalent to the power consumption of a us home for a week. More than 300 000 exchanges of Bitcoins are made every day.


Analysis Alex de Vries has done the calculations and indicated that the electricity consumption of the miners of the digital currency in the world is really important, with an average of more than 24 TwH per year. This consumption corresponds to the electricity used by the Nigeria each year.

The environmental impact of Bitcoin

The industries specializing in technology products that want to develop new computers. Their goal is to create a solution to calculate the mining of the Bitcoin. In addition, it is important to know that the design of these components requires the use of non-renewable natural resources. The interest in Bitcoin has arrived to Mongolia.

Currently, minors mongolians use coal as a source of electricity. The effects of this material on the environment are significant. The establishment of a system much more economical and sustainable, is therefore essential for the sector of the Bitcoin, which is today an exceptional boom.

Source : FredZone