The mining of crypto-currencies penetrates all levels of the Russian society

Following a dramatic increase of activities in mining of crypto-currencies in the public and private sector from russia, which has begun to occur in the beginning of the year with the shortage of graphics cards, RT, a body of international media funded by the Russian State, has conducted interviews with several “minors” of crypto-currencies. This survey’s main objective was to obtain more information about the industry, the mining of bitcoin in Russia.

The mining of crypto-currencies penetrates all levels of the Russian society

One of the accounts the most interesting is collected by RT is one that has been made by a minor siberian. He described a growing popularity in the mining of bitcoin. He has a practice that permeates all demographic groups of the Russian society. He said that ” when retirees come for their grandchildren, they are gadgets that are dedicated to mining crypto-currencies as a gift. “RT has also met Dmitry, a young schoolboy of 15 years old which has begun to make the mining of bitcoin. Dmitry says that ” the technologies of mining are very promising. A growing number of people are involved in this field, acquire new skills and improve old practices. Despite the growth there may be in the area, the young boy admits having met with some skepticism for its activities, including on the part of his parents. “Although I have clearly described the process of mining and the opportunities that could arise, they are always so suspicious. That is why I must work alone.”

The mining of crypto-currencies, a full-fledged activity

The survey, conducted by RT also shows a less glorious in this industry in full boom. In fact, we realize also that many Russians have turned to the mining of Bitcoin as a response to the economic difficulties that they encounter in their daily lives. Damashko, a miner of Bitcoin interviewed by RT, was launched in the activity to have a genuine means of livelihood, affirming that “the terrible crisis has not left me to live”, and that “even the traffic of drugs and weapons was not more profitable than the mining of crypto-currencies.”

All this enthusiasm for the mining of Bitcoin will be strengthened by the draft law for the legalization and regulation of crypto-currencies as the Russian ministry of Finance is in the process of studying.