The mining of crypto-currencies, the reason for the increase in the price of the graphics cards ?

The crypto-currencies are now experiencing a huge success. Their price continues to rise. Elsewhere, the Bitcoin has reached over 10 000 dollars. The market capitalization of all digital currencies have been hovering around $ 300 billion. A growth that attracts the interest of users.

More and more investors today are turning to the mining of digital currencies. The success of this technology has impacted on the price of the graphics cards. The Radeon RX 580 has seen its price increase of more than 20% in just a few days. This model, in the same way as other graphics chips, has suffered stock-outs.


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The mining of digital currency, the origin of the breach-of-stock

The rupture of stock of graphics cards is linked to the success of crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The price of the digital currency has increased substantially this year. The mining of virtual currency has become profitable.

Check out below a video explaining this shortage :

To achieve such a blasting, it is essential to have cards capable of performing calculations necessary for the production of crypto-currencies at a lower cost. In fact, companies specialized in the field prefer the solutions allowing a better economy of energy.

Graphics chips for mining crypto-currencies

The development of crypto-currencies has prompted many manufacturers of graphics cards to produce models dedicated to their mining. Cards intended exclusively for such operation, and provide a video display is very limited. The objective is to use the processor for calculating display for the blasting.

Brands such as Radeon or GeForce, are the most well-known currently. These companies offer graphics cards various for mining. The sector seems to be doing well with the growth of crypto-currencies. Today, even individuals can undermine Bitcoins. The technological progress does not stop there, as with smartphones, it is now possible to undermine it.

Source : Clubic

  • roman “granini55” the rochelai

    If regular players can no longer equip graphics cards at a reasonable price, is it viable for the manufacturer instead to include graphics cards that will not fit in the series.

    I am a pc gamer who does not need 2 graphics cards but a rather correct to play, so I can’t take advantage of the primary function of these last for ( as usual ) the assholes who put out the excavations.

    It is infuriating, but this solution is it possible instead to cripple the graphics cards manufacturers on the other hand pk does not prevent that cards provided to play can’t be mounted in SLI or CROSSFIRE?

    • Mike

      invested my guy