The mining of crypto-currencies via SMS made its appearance

The Australians have become the prime target of a scam mining of Bitcoin based on the SMS. The message attracts the users with Bitcoins free fictional which, supposedly, are located in two URLS. However, if the user decides to click on these links, a hidden program will hijack the computing power of the computer that he uses for the purpose of mining crypto-currencies.


Spam classic, but incredibly effective

Nick Savvides, director of technology at Symantec, discussed the scam with the media australian’s Nine, in describing it as a ” Spam classic “. He adds that the two links in the text take visitors on a site that you are constantly asked to sign up for their service. What the scammers are trying to do is to get your blind, the CPU cycles of your smartphone so that you can realize the mining operations of Bitcoin for them. And in the process, they want you to submit your personal information so that they can be used to carry other scams. “


Of scammers who take advantage of the naivety of the natural people

Savvides says that many people are less careful when opening links via SMS that when they are browsing on the Internet. Suggesting that this has led to a recent proliferation of scams based on the SMS. “When you receive a text message, you don’t really pay attention. In fact, nobody expects that the scammers use text messages to send links to malicious software. “People are conditioned to be wary of e-mails, too many to be true,” he adds.

We can therefore expect that this type of scam empire and is widespread over the next few years, because ” we trust our smartphones “.

Source : News.Bitcoin