The mining of crypto-currencies will free heating of buildings in Metz

The start-up of mining of crypto-currencies, called Trésorio made a strange proposal to some of the buildings. In fact, it offers heat for free in exchange for storage space for its computer servers.

A first in France

It is the city of Metz, which could well benefit from this system for the first time in France. The start-up Trésorio specialized in the mining of crypto-currencies came into contact with Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF. The engineers have found a way to bring back the heat emitted by the computer servers to the buildings. Jonathan Klein, the co-founder of Trésorio, explained : “The idea is to reuse the hot water output from the cooling system to provide the heating of other buildings. “

Pixabay – Geralt / The mining of crypto-currency allows you to heat buildings.

It was necessary to know that Trésorio represents around a hundred servers, that operate 24 hours on 24. It takes more than 5 000 litres of water continuously, and machines are grouped together in a warehouse of 250 m2. Also, the older entrepreneur has only 27-year-old has found an idea that should satisfy everyone : “The heat emitted by 3 m2 of warehouse would allow it only to heat a municipal swimming pool… At the touch of a server, the water goes instantly from 5 to 20 °C ! “

A exchange strategic

Trésorio therefore requests a free parking place in a building and chaufferait it for free in exchange. The start-up pays for the electricity that it needs for its servers. As early as next month, the device will be tested in a hospital in Metz, and then in a tire business. Servers that are installed within this institution will allow free heating a surface area equivalent to 100 m2.

Pixabay – Geralt / The start-up offers to the buildings of the warm free of charge in exchange for a space to store the servers.

The contractor does not lack ambition and was delighted with his first collaborations. He also stated that this was only the beginning of a great adventure : “In the future, beyond the mining of crypto-currencies, our servers will be hired for their technological power, because we will need more machinery to operate the connected objects, artificial intelligence, or for example to sequence DNA in the laboratory. “

We must admit that the idea is very interesting. To follow !

Source : The Figaro