The minister of Finance of south korea denounced the crypto-currencies

The deputy minister of Strategy and Finance of South Korea, Kim Yong-jin, just out of the silence to give his opinion on crypto-currencies. However, according to the politician, it is a real threat to the economy of the country. About it particularly worrying that never fail to raise a number of questions in the world.

A real threat

It was during a conference held in Seoul that Kim Yong-jin spoke about crypto-currencies. According to the Korean ministry, the digital assets could disrupt the monetary system and would be particularly dangerous : “The crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which entailed an investment and a speculative bubble in the beginning of the year, have stabilized. They push the authorities, but also the investors, to question the foundations of trust. “

Pixabay – MakeSomedonesDay / crypto-currencies of particular concern to the south Korean government for several months.

The man has not failed to give an opinion very clear-cut on the issue, stating, inter alia, that the central bank was to regulate or even ban the crypto-currency market, the latter threatening the global economic balance.

Towards a ban of crypto-currencies ?

The minister, Kim Yong-jin seems to be calling for a ban on crypto-currencies. However, the topic had already been discussed at the beginning of the year by Park Sang-gi, the minister of Justice, who had said, inter alia, the following : “There are major concerns about virtual currencies and the ministry of Justice is preparing a bill to prohibit the trading of crypto-currency on the exchange platforms. “

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The south Korean minister is concerned that crypto-currencies are transforming the economic stability.

But, following this declaration, the government had lost much of its popularity, the citizens are particularly interested in crypto-currencies and not wishing to see them banned. The government would, therefore, rather on the regulatory path, the objective being to promote the development of this ecosystem, while protecting investors and the monetary system.

The declaration of Kim Yong-jin no shortage of worry strongly investors around the world, even if it appears that a prohibition of ICO is not news, at least for the moment.

Source : The Merkle