The mobile payment solution Square integrates Bitcoin in its application

This Wednesday, Jack Dorsey, CEO of payment processing company mobile Square, revealed that the application users can now buy and sell Bitcoins. Last November, this functionality has been tested from various users. Now, most of them can access to this option allowing them to buy and sell Bitcoin via the app.

Below are the details of this novel :

The creation of Satoshi has an impact everywhere in the world

The company’s mobile payment Square has announced that a new feature will be integrated in their application. It will allow users to exchange Bitcoins. The tests conducted by the company last November so have been inconclusive. The majority of users can now buy and sell the crypto-currency. In addition, the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has made the promotion of the new application with an article praising the Bitcoin, and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He said that the vision of Satoshi has an impact everywhere in the world.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. Square, a payment application mobile integrates Bitcoin in its solution.

Square said that the application Cash-offers users the ability to send and receive Bticoins. The company also points out that the price of Bitcoin is unpredictable, and we ask our users to make better-informed decisions. Mr. Dorsey explained that they have simplified the purchase and sale of Bitcoins directly from the Cash App.

Access to Bitcoin will be simplified

Jack Dorsey, who also runs the company’s Twitter, explained to his followers on the social media that the purchase of the instant Bitcoins is now available. He explains that exchanges of Bitcoins are now accessible for most users Cash App.

At present, there are only four States that do not have access to the services of the purchase and sale of Bitcoins on the Cash App. It is, in particular, Georgia, Wyoming, New York and Hawaii. Due to stricter regulations against crypto-currencies, these States will not be able to use this feature for the moment.

Source : NewsBitcoin