The municipality of Chiasso allows citizens to pay their taxes in bitcoin

The municipality in switzerland to Chiasso has announced that it will accept tax payments in bitcoin from January 2018. This initiative allows Switzerland to position in the prospect of becoming the global leader in the industry of bitcoin and crypto-currencies. In fact, the municipality of Chiasso wants to compete with the canton of Zug as the leading swiss centre for the adoption of bitcoin and the innovations in the field of crypto-currency. And the citizens of Chiasso are able to use the bitcoin to pay taxes ranging up to 250 swiss francs from January 2018.

Use crypto-currencies to bail out the crates

The leaders of Chiasso hope that the growing industry of crypto-currencies can replace the lost tax revenue in the local banking sector. The Mayor of Chiasso, Bruno Arrigoni, said : “Chiasso is recognized internationally as an epicenter of technological growth and economic for the canton and for Switzerland as a whole “. Local officials have wanted to baptize the municipality under the name of “CryptoPolis” in order to attract startups specialized in crypto-currency.


Measures to promote start-ups specialized in crypto-currencies

The administrative heads of Chiasso have taken a number of measures to attract the business of crypto-currencies. The mayor of Chiasso would have met many entrepreneurs in crypto-currencies in recent months ; the mayor claiming that the eight startups have recently established a headquarters in the municipality. Moreover, the commune of Chiasso has announced measures designed to encourage innovation in the industry of crypto-currency, including the development of “advanced courses in upper secondary schools” which are designed to enhance the literacy of students in the field of crypto-currency. There is also the formation of a non-profit foundation that will involve some of the most senior representatives of the technology of the Blockchain and the bitcoin to Chiasso.