The Nasdaq market takes its time before joining the futures of Bitcoin

The Nasdaq market takes its time before joining the futures of Bitcoin

The president and CEO of the Nasdaq, Adena Friedman, said yesterday that the stock exchange is still considering how to effectively integrate the futures of Bitcoin. The thoughts are still in the ” exploratory phase “, despite the fact that Nasdaq has already announced a launch date.

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The Nasdaq is full exploratory phase

Friedman, who was in Davos to attend the world economic Forum, has confirmed that the Nasdaq was interested by the launch of futures contracts in Bitcoin, but it has tempered these remarks by stating that this project was still to be realized. “For the moment, we are still trying to explore this track,” said Friedman on Fox Business. And to add : “We want to ensure that if we choose to enter this market there is a demand from the customers. Secondly, we must ensure that we put in place the right risk management protocols to ensure that people have confidence in the service that we provide “.

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Nasdaq takes its time to deliver the best possible product

One of the reasons for the delay of the Nasdaq in the launch of these contracts is that the exchange wants to list a different product to those offered by CME and CBOE. What we could consider is more of a futures contract on the total return, so this is a little different, “said Adena Friedman, adding that this meant that it would be” more an investment than a follow-up action. “At the present time, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) are the only u.s. exchanges regulated offer contracts Bitcoin. The owner of the New York stock Exchange (NYSE) has filed a list of several ETF Bitcoin, but it has not yet launched its own futures contracts in crypto-currencies.

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