The new alternative to Paypal is arrival

Most online users have turned to PayPal or another digital payment system, at one time or another in their lives through the web. They have surely experienced a few drawbacks to the passage ; and as the transaction costs are very high. Today, another problem arises for users of online banking such as Paypal, namely that they do not accept crypto-currencies. Thus, the concept of UTRUST, the first payment platform online technology-based Blockchain, is to bring together all the positive aspects of the services such as Paypal and the benefits of crypto-currencies into a single platform that is completely transparent.


A platform for reconciling the crypto-currencies and currencies traditional

The world of crypto-currencies has virtually exploded during the last six months. It is enough to see how the price of Bitcoin went from $ 800 in January to more than $ 6,000 in the month of October. Yet, the universe of crypto-currencies and the foreign exchange traditional refuse to work together, and do not, therefore, serve to highlight some of the weaknesses inherent to both systems. However, UTRUST has designed a system that would unite these two protagonists in a platform of unique protection.


A security guarantee to both the buyer and the seller

On the side of the buyers, UTRUST guarantees a complete protection, similar to what one might find on Paypal. Thus, the platform hopes to attract new users to crypto-currencies. It is the same thing on the side of the sellers. In fact, UTRUST has created a platform that eliminates the problems of volatility by converting the crypto-currency in foreign currency traditional at the time of the transaction.

Completely eliminating the risk factors for both the buyer and the seller, while opening the door to payment structures based on the technology of Blockchain, UTRUST aims to solve problems that affect both systems. The campaign ICO of UTRUST will begin today, 2 November at 14 hours GMT.

Here is the teaser of the campaign launch ICO of UTRUST.

Source : Cointelegraph