The new crypto-currency, the Pastoral care is going to be entering the market

Stéphane Brégeon has decided to launch a crypto-currency is not quite like the other. Indeed, following the death of his father, he chose to create the Pastoral, a virtual currency indexed to the cost of 24 hours of life in a retirement home.

An original idea

Stéphane Brégeon is from lyon and has made an observation which gave him the urge to throw in an original adventure. In fact, it has been found that human beings are obsessed by the life insurance contracts in order to manage their estate, but they often forget to think about their end-of-life. And his father did the costs, as he recounted : “During my management studies, my father went bankrupt, he became ill and had to be amputated. At the age of 83, he had to leave in a retirement home. Without money, they are his children who have paid. What was terrible for him. In a month it is gone. “

Linkedin – Stéphane Brégeon / The former chief financial officer has launched a crypto-currency whose principle is different from other digital assets.

The former chief financial officer of Colas has had a real click. Passionate about crypto-currencies, especially since the banking crisis of 2009, it was decided to create the Pastoral. It is a crypto-asset whose value of a unit represents 24 hours of life in a retirement home.

A simple principle

The principle is simple, as explained by the creator : “It is the principle of the time savings account : you buy, days of life in a retirement home and it is a capital. Today, how the people took care of the end-of-life ? Some invest in an apartment in a retirement home but it all depends on the quality of the manager, tenants. Or, they make a life insurance contract. ”

However, statistics show that this is not enough and that it would be about 105,000 euros for a stay of 3 years in a retirement home.

A crypto-currency that will soon be available

The Pastoral care has received the approval of the AMF, and will come on the market shortly at a price of 87,18€. This crypto-currency works on the protocols Bitcoin and Ethereum. The goal is clear because it is turn back to currencies traditional, while detaching themselves from the volatility of crypto-currencies.

Shutterstock / The Pastoral is a crypto-currency that works on the protocols Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The money supply is calculated thanks to the national Fund of solidarity for autonomy. It was necessary to combine the average length of stay in a retirement home, the number of places available and the savings rate, leading to the launch of the 2.6 billion units. To summarize, the idea is to buy days of life in a retirement home while constituting a savings is substantial.

And the name of the Pastoral ? It refers to a literary theme in Antiquity, which promotes harmony between man and nature. Original !

Source : CryptoFR