The new malware of Monero transfers funds to the university Kim-Il-Sung, in North Korea

Experts have detected a new robot mining Monero. This malware could have been the cause of sending of funds to the university Kim-Il-Sung in North Korea. In recent times, it has been discovered advertised pirating it from this country.

Here are the details of this case :

A university in north korea, which develops malware

The developer of cyber security solutions Alienvault revealed on Monday that its laboratories had recently analyzed a malicious application into the program which operates Monero. While these malware are commonplace these days, what is surprising here is that the researchers say they have found that the crypto-currency mined is automatically sent to the university Kim-Il-Sung in Pyongyang, North Korea. The report warns that digital currencies could be a lifesaver financially for a country hard hit by sanctions.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the universities in north korea will be interested in crypto-currencies. Recently, the University of science and technology of Pyongyang has invited foreign experts to give lectures on this financial solution. This shows how North Korea is seeking all means to exploit this booming market.

The usual suspects

Monero has recently been the subject of a smear campaign from the media. This virtual currency has faced multiple allegations. Some argue that the criminals have abandoned the Bitcoin and now look to this digital currency. North Korea is today considered the country of hackers. It is also at the origin of most cyber attacks.

Source : Wikimedia Commons

While the two heads of accusation appear to be true, skeptics wonder whether the demonization of North Korea is part of a strategy well rehearsed by western countries in order to obtain the approval of the public. The team of Alienvault has even admitted in its report that the simple fact that this malware points to the university Kim-Il-Sung does not prove that it is the source of the software.

Source : NewsBitcoin