The New York Stock Exchange embarks on the adventure of the crypto-currency

The New York Times has just revealed some information about the NYSE, that is to say, the New York Stock Exchange. It is the largest stock exchange in the world. However, the latter would be on the verge of launching a trading platform for Bitcoins.

An initiative surprising

These are four people close to the NYSE that would have confirmed the new by proving their claims with documents to International Exchange. For the moment, no details on this new platform has not been given, and the spokesperson for the New York Stock Exchange did not want to confirm or deny this rumor.

Pixabay – JayDeep / The NYSE is turned towards crypto-currencies.

However, in the New York Times, we learn that the customers of the NYSE may soon have the opportunity to buy or sell Bitcoin. While Goldman Sachs turns officially to the crypto-currency as it will be explained lately, it seems that a body of finance traditional has, therefore, decided to do the same. This is a historic turning point and wonder, who would tend to prove that crypto-currencies have a bright future ahead of them.

A new exchange platform

In contrast to Goldman Sachs, the NYSE would be on the point of developing a true platform for the exchange of Bitcoins. Their customers would go directly by the latter for the exchange of crypto-assets, and in particular Bitcoins. It would seem that the New York Stock Exchange wishes to develop a platform, similar to Coinbase Custody, a platform reserved to institutional investors.

Pixabay – Geralt / The largest stock exchange in the world has listened to the needs of the investors.

This initiative is very symbolic. In fact, the largest stock exchange world wants to participate in the adventure of crypto-currencies. The New York Stock Exchange manages the daily multi-billion dollar trading volumes, and intends to the interest generated by the crypto-assets. Also, the NYSE is listening to its customers, and it demonstrates that the craze of young investors towards the virtual currencies is not as far-fetched as some people claim.

The decision of the New York Stock Exchange is much talk in the finance sector in the traditional, bustling with the ideas received on the crypto-currencies. A strategic way to meet the appetite of many investors who wish to turn to the Bitcoin.

Source : New York Times