The next generation of customers canadian bank wants to take advantage of Bitcoin

Mogo Finance Technology Inc. is a lender online canadian. The products Mogo include access to personal loans, Visa cards, prepaid and mortgage loans by means of mobile applications or computers. The next step to Mogo is to incorporate a digital wallet for crypto-currencies.


Mogo wants to attract young people

As an established brand in Canada, Mogo has an intrinsic advantage with nearly half a million customers. “We now have the opportunity, thanks to the digital account that we built, to add very quickly new innovative products and we have the scale to deploy them,” said Mr. Feller, chief financial officer of Mogo Finance Technology Inc. “As we continue to deploy new products, such as the wallet Bitcoin, people realize that we really are this company’s platform, and this, of course, part of what people are beginning to appreciate on the market. “Experts have noted that the actions of Mogo have increased up to 35 %. The rise the most notable was made during the first public offering launched by Mogo.

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Mogo increases its competence in the field of crypto-currencies

The company has also announced the arrival in the team of Wayne Chen, who was previously in N Trust, as the chief primary product. “We are delighted to have Wayne in the team as we continue to expand our capabilities in this field,” said Mogo, in a press release ; focusing on the fact that Mr Chen has played a key role in the portfolio Bitcoin of N Trust and, in its products of change. Mr Feller concludes : “Canadians, particularly young people who are passionate about technology, want a safe, reliable and easy to own and use Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. “

To know a little more about Mogo Finance Technology Inc. Here is a video presentation of their financial application for smartphone.

Source : News.Bitcoin