The north Korean citizens are studying crypto-currencies at the university of Pyongyang

The commitment of north korea with the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general seems to be in constant growth. Today, academics are now able to access courses on the crypto-currency in the hermit Kingdom.


North Korea is fascinated by crypto-currencies

The university of Pyongyang, who is seen as the place of reproduction of the hackers are north koreans by a large part of the international community, is now offering courses on crypto-currencies. Despite the many accusations that the administration north Korean would have actively stolen and mined Bitcoins, the existence of the course is described as “the first tangible evidence” of the growing fascination with North Korea for the crypto-currency by the media. Priscila Moriuchi, director of development of the strategic threat to the CIA (the intelligence service of the u.s.) and Recorded Future, the company of security intelligence backed by Google, said : “we must not confuse this course with an academic exchange benevolent, and everything in North Korea is carefully evaluated and managed by the plan. “

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The north Korean students preferred

Earlier this month, Federico Tenga, founder of the start-up Bitcoin, Chainside, visited Pyongyang in order to teach lesBitcoins and technology Blockchain to more than three dozen students. The visit was organised after that Tenga have contacted the only school financed by the foreigner in North Korea, namely the University of science and technology of Pyongyang. Tenga has offered to do a presentation on Bitcoin during an upcoming conference on the finances on campus. Mr. Tenga spent a week in total at the university of Pyongyang, where he gave five lectures of 90 minutes to a group of about 40 students aged 20 to 25 years. Tenga has also given an additional seminar to the faculty of the university.

Source : News.Bitcoin