The Office of the German tourist is going to accept payments in Bitcoin

The Office of the German tourist (GNTB) has announced that it will accept crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin as a means of payment. The organization has promised travel destinations in Germany through agencies that are present in 32 countries around the world. The German Office also has the intention to use the technology Blockchain. The president of the GNTB has recently declared that they want to become an engine of global innovation in the tourism industry.

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Accept Bitcoin to promote innovation

It will be possible to pay for the services offered by the GNTB in crypto-currencies. The German, who has promised to travel in Germany has started to accept payments in Bitcoin starting this month of march, according to a press release. He also announced medium-term plans to test the technology Blockchain in the treatment of its international financial transactions.

Source : Pixabay. The Office of the German tourism accepts Bitcoin as means of payment.

The president of the GNTB, Petra Hedorfer, said that in the context of their digitization strategy, they regularly analyze the latest technologies and their application in their organization. By accepting the digital currency as a means of payment, and with the possible implementation of the technology, Blockchain, they want to position themselves as the engine of innovation in the tourism industry, she added. The Blockchain offers interesting perspectives in terms of speed, transparency and security, explained Ms. Hedorfer.

The crypto-currencies at the service of tourism

For more than 60 years, the Office of the German tourism works to promote the possibilities of travel in the country. It continuously develops new strategies and marketing concepts based on themes and events that are very specific. These are implemented under the brand of “Destination Germany” that has been introduced on many markets around the world.

The GNTB has claimed to be actively involved in the efforts to optimize the marketing activities of its partners, German travel agencies, and commercial organizations. It also helps the companies operating in the tourism sector in order to increase the volume of tourist traffic and bring in foreign currency.

Source : NewsBitcoin

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