The olympic luge team of the United States accepts donations of Bitcoins

This weekend, the olympic team luge american announced that it was the first olympic team of the country to argue in favor of Bitcoin and accept it. More than two months before the start of the winter olympics of Pyeongchang in south Korea. They will thus have enough time to do the promotion of an olympic discipline impressive. On the other hand, they will take this opportunity to make the praises of Bitcoin.

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The us olympic team goes to crypto-currencies

Ty Danco, a former olympian and an investor in the crypto-currency stated that it was a natural choice and good for the team. They mostly think in the long term, he added. The olympic lugers are known to reach exceptional speeds in the 1980s. The sport has evolved since then. Bitcoin users that they have encountered, know exactly what it is like to be on something that the world does not appreciate further, said Danco.

If you missed this news, here is a small summary :

The objective of the team by accepting Bitcoin is to use an investment asset that will grow in the coming years. As well, they may have sufficient funding to support complete teams at the World Cup. On the other hand, it is an efficient solution to develop programs for young athletes, he explained.

The rapid escalation of Bitcoin

The luge team takes advantage of the rise in the price of Bitcoin to get started in the field. In effect, the value of this digital currency has reached a historical peak of about 19 000 dollars. The team hopes to also participate in the winter olympics with enough of Bitcoin. In addition, this seems to be an interesting initiative, given that the south koreans are true fans of Bitcoin.

These are the first winter Games in South Korea. This competition is going to honor various disciplines, including hockey, figure skating and cross-country skiing.

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