The payment gateway decentralized ErosCoin will launch its own portfolio of crypto-currencies

Payment gateways based on the technology Blockchain will continue to evolve. For its part, ErosCoin will launch next October 11 an online e-wallet dedicated to crypto-currencies, offering enhanced security and several other features.

An electronic wallet versatile

After more than a year of development, the team of ErosCoin has introduced an innovative product and practice for the realization of transfer of money cross-border, which supports all crypto-currencies. In addition, the system offers a solution for the sharing of currency. Submitted under the name of ErosPay Wallet, the new mobile application of ErosCoin lends itself quite well to a mass adoption potential.

Available on Android and iOS, the interface of the portfolio is incredibly easy to use. In addition to this, it provides a secure protection of the phrases of backup and remote accessibility. The portfolio is complete with features such as communication, peer-to-peer and instant payments. The other great feature of ErosPay Wallet is the possibility of making micropayments. As a result, customers are able to send very small amounts of money.

In terms of e-commerce, ErosCoin will offer dealers and customers a wide range of effective tools to facilitate the daily exchanges. Retailers will benefit from services adapted to e-commerce, such as the panel ” Merchant “, as well as the management of payments and invoices. In fact, ErosCoin provides tools for billing advanced to suppliers to invoice clients, send invoices, direct and check the status of the invoice.

Payment gateways decentralized-are they the future of money transfer ?

It is undeniable that the payment gateways decentralised becoming more and more real competitors for the platforms of transfer payment classic. The methods of transfer in peer-to-peer networks are inherently more transparent and safer than their conventional equivalents. This means that they are well positioned to replace many of the money transfer methods that are used today to perform cross-border transactions, to participate in trade and even make investments in the world. Payment gateways decentralized function as a converter and a conveyor belt of currency without flaw. In other words, customers and merchants, or shippers and receivers will deposit and withdraw the payments in the currency which suits them the best.