The Petro, a way of payment for purchases of automotive parts from Russia

The venezuelan government plans to buy car parts from Russia, which with its crypto-currency. The ministers of the two countries have discussed the use of Petro in the transaction a bilateral meeting in Caracas. The investment cryptographic have also been the order of the day.

Construction of Russian trucks Kamaz with kits paid in crypto-currencies

The leaders of Venezuela and Russia have agreed to expand economic cooperation between the two countries. Senior officials of the two countries met this weekend in the capital of Venezuela. Different subjects have been treated on this occasion. The two sides discussed joint projects in various fields such as military, construction and energy. They also spoke of the use of the crypto-currency was recently launched by the Venezuela.

Check out below a video in English, relaying these facts :

The south american country has announced plans to assemble trucks Russian Kamaz in Venezuela. The venezuelan government would have the intention to pay for the car parts with the Petro. According to the venezuelan minister of Commerce, José Vielma Mora, the digital currency and national will be used to purchase tires, batteries and other spare parts.

The member countries of the UEE could issue a new crypto-currency

The use of the crypto-currency to avoid international sanctions has also been raised. Last summer, the Russian central Bank (CBR) has announced its intention to explore opportunities to issue a digital currency and national. Moreover, decisions concerning the launch of the Cryptoruble have been postponed. In December, the vice-president of CBR, Olga Skorobogatova said that Russia will work with its partners in the UEE (Union eurasian economic) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on the creation of a crypto-currency for common transactions between the member States.

Below is a video announcing the project launch of the Cryptoruble :

Tuesday, April 3, Skorobogatova confirmed that discussions are underway regarding the possible use of the technology Blockchain. Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are members of this organization. Belarus became the first country to legalize the activities related to crypto-currencies. Russia is about to do the same here this summer.

Source : NewsBitcoin