The platform Kraken is operational again after an interruption of more than 24 hours

Earlier this week, the platform of crypto-currency Kraken, based in San Francisco, has scheduled an upgrade of its trading system. This upgrade was only supposed to last two hours, but the Web site remained down for more than 24 hours. Kraken is back online and provides a supply of trading at zero cost until January 31, in consideration of the long wait.

Kraken Logo/Source : The Corner Report

An update is tedious

For a start, it is important to remember that Kraken is one of the largest trading platforms for digital assets, if we take into account the number of customers. In a first time, Kraken has indicated to users that the update would result in a closure of the platform for two hours, but this is not what happened. The time of restoration of service was longer than expected and the customers started to get excited. Users of Kraken have posted their discontent on forums and social networks as the hours Ă©grainaient. This is only 24 hours later that Kraken has re-opened its services.

Here is a video showing how the platform Kraken works.

Kraken must be careful now

The resumption of services, the trading platform of San Francisco has announced that both the site and trading platform was back online. However, after the update, some things have changed, as the new process and reduced auditing of the accounts. Other accounts to higher level will have priority on new accounts, which will undertake a first round of audits. On the other hand, with the resumption of transactions, the performance of the platform will be monitored. The competent authorities may remove the site if other irregularities are found.

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