The platform of algorithmic trading, QuantConnect extends its reach to crypto-currencies

The market GDAX, owned and operated by the company Coinbase, has just announced its integration with the platform of algorithmic trading popular QuantConnect to execute a series of strategies of change.


Algorithmic trading, an old method of delivery to the taste of the day

Algorithmic trading has been used in the trade since the 70s, using computers to track the flow of financial markets. The method enables the execution of automated and pre-programmed to adjust to the variables of price, time and volume exchange. Algorithmic trading already is used by traders of crypto-currencies, because there are a large number of companies that provide automated services and bots trading open source. The firm’s new york QuantConnect is a service of algorithmic trading is well known since its creation in 2011 by entrepreneur Jared Broad. “Through this integration with GDAX, technology, QuantConnect has been extended to include the assets of crypto-currency,” said a company release.

The following video is an excellent introduction to the service QuantConnect.

QuantConnect, a reference of algorithmic trading

This year, QuantConnect has experienced strong growth. Traders are increasingly attracted by the algorithmic trading. The company says that its business-building strategies and backtesting have increased by more than 300 %, and that the new algorithms live have increased 30 %. “The addition of support for crypto-currencies to QuantConnect was the next logical step for business,” says the founder of QuantConnect, Jared Broad. “As an initiative, open-source powerful, we saw an opportunity to reach a greater number of users who have invested in digital currency. Now, thanks to a strategic integration with GDAX, the community QuantConnect can design and deploy instantly strategies in the field of crypto-currency “, he added.

As the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general continue to grow, the use of algorithmic trading has also increased within this emerging economy. Platforms like Haasbot, BTC Robot and Cryptotrader also offer the services of automated trading.

Source : News.Bitcoin