The politician, Ron Paul, says that the american government should stay away from the market of Bitcoin

The United States are among the leaders in the market of crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin. It is also one of the few countries, along with Japan and South Korea, to allow trading of virtual currency. Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a considerable rise in the price of Bitcoin. Moreover, it has recently reached a record level, up more than $ 6,000. Experts predict a growth in the value of Bitcoin up to $ 10,000.

This investment asset is becoming more the interest of investors around the world. Russia, which at the beginning was nervous to the idea of adopting this technology, is now evolving and am thinking of setting up a crypto-currency. In the Face of this enthusiasm, the former senator and candidate in the last presidential election, Ron Paul gave his opinion.

Here’s the video showing these facts :

The Bitcoin is not a currency

Ron Paul believes that crypto-currencies should not be considered as a currency. In addition, he is very surprised by the growth of these virtual currency. In an interview with TheStreet last week, Ron Paul is positioned relative to the development of Bitcoin. He said that he was not an expert, but it supports this technology to the extent that it can help with the legislation of digital currencies in the United States.

However, Ron Paul was not specific to the idea to consider the virtual currency as real currency. It has, however, explained that the participation of the u.s. government in the oversight of the technology should be limited.

The companies of trade of crypto-currencies should operate in complete freedom

Ron Paul has said that if the americans want to use them, the government should stay away. Moreover, it has indicated two major concerns about crypto-currencies. He mentioned in particular the risk of fraud in this sector and the supervision of the government.

According to Ron Paul, today there is too much surveillance on the foreign currency traditional. He is concerned about the fact that it can be applied on the crypto-currencies. Moreover, he thinks that this technology has a lot of potential.

Source : CoinDesk