The President of Bitstamp says the Bitcoin is a valuable asset for serious investors

Dan Morehead, president of the platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies Bitstamp, said that the bitcoin and other digital currencies will likely be assets that the serious investors want in their portfolios. He indicated that the Bitcoin is going to revolutionize currency. He gave this statement at a conference held in San Francisco. This event brought together many professionals in the field of crypto-currencies.

The crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin will completely change the economic systems we have today, ” he adds. The technology blockchain of Bitcoin has spurred the development of other digital currencies like litecoin or Ethereum.

The work of the technology Blockchain

The president of the company specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies has said that these tokens based on the Blockchain were protocols, a system similar to the HTTP. It now allows the Internet to exist. These protocols can operate over the Internet at the present time. However, most of the profits go rather to the applications, such as Google’s Gmail, which are built on these protocols.

According to Dan Morehead, the profits made by the companies are relatively small. The trade of crypto-currencies are valued at more than $ 1.5 billion against $ 70 billion to the market capitalization of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin, an investment always so interesting

Given the current situation, the President of the company encourages investors to invest in the Bitcoin. The site CryptoCompare published yesterday that 13 % of the volume of transactions of Bitcoin took place on Bitstamp. This entrepreneur is also the founder of Pantera Capital, an investment company specializing in the blockchain. This company is also one of the companies to have a significant amount of Bitcoins.

At this conference, Morehead met with different managers of the portfolio and has taken advantage of this occasion to give his opinion on the future of crypto-currencies.