The price of bitcoin dropped by 9 % after the announcement of the us regulators

This Friday, the price of bitcoin has reached a record value. In fact, it went up to over $ 5,800. Certainly, this market is very speculative, and the positions of the governments influence the evolution of the price of Bitcoin. If the prohibition of China has contributed to the decrease in the value of this digital currency, its price has increased rapidly.

Yesterday, there has still been a decrease in the price of Bitcoin after the announcement of the us regulators concerning the establishment of a control of the market. The value of this crypto-currency has declined by approximately 8.7 %, a decrease of $ 500. It is currently trading at 5 109,70 dollars.

Here is a video explaining this drop in the price of Bitcoin :

A few hours after the announcement, the Bitcoin regains value

The announcement was made on Tuesday. This led to the fall of the price of Bitcoin. Fortunately, the bitcoin was able to regain some of the lost value in the afternoon, says CoinDesk. The digital currency has increased from 3 % up to 5 410 million in just a few hours.

On Tuesday, the CFTC has published a report explaining that the digital currencies such as bitcoin under the supervision of the commission when they are used for fraudulent purposes.

The evolution of bitcoin during the past three months

The Chicago Board Options Exchange has announced its intention to launch technology based on the Bitcoin at the beginning of the next year. Other crypto-currencies have also plummeted yesterday. Ethereum has fallen by 7 %. The Bitcoin has reached a record peak of 5 856 dollars this Friday. According to Benjamin Roberts, co-founder of Citizen Hex, a start-up specializing in the exchange of ethereum, the professionals in the sector are currently making profits.

If the repression of the chinese State has plunged the price of Bitcoin to $ 2000, and this has not contributed to the fall of the market. In effect, the value of bitcoin has not stopped growing since. A situation that is very encouraging for the current investors.

Source : CNBC