The price of Bitcoin reached 4 450 dollars in spite of the fork presented by SegWit2x

Even if the market of the crypto-currency has been facing a quite difficult situation this weekend, the trend has completely changed. In effect, the price of Bitcoin rising again, and has even exceeded the 4 450 dollars. This increase of 2.86% is a positive sign, even if it is still far from the $ 5,000.

It must be said that the sector crypto-currencies is constantly changing. Even when the price of Bitcoin down, there will always be a digital currency that will attempt to reduce this regressive trend. However, when the price of Bitcoin increases, all other virtual currencies important to develop accordingly.

An increase of 2.86 %, reaching 4 $ 450

All in all, the market of Bitcoin is doing well. The increase of 2.86 % has helped reach 4 450 dollars. However, you should know that this market is very volatile. Thus, it is not possible to set or to predict the evolution of the price of Bitcoin.

Moreover, this progression is very significant. Many companies specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies have been quite confident about the evolution of the market of Bitcoins, this despite the fork of SegWit2x.

A fork that disrupts the momentum of the price of Bitcoin

If one refers or not to fork, it influences the evolution of the price of this digital currency. Those who have expected a drop in the price therefore have been in error. In spite of the trading volume relatively low, the price of Bitcoin is progressing significantly.

Although this volume has improved for many, it does not seem to affect the value of Bitcoin. Bitfinex is still the leader in term of volume. In the second place, we find Butler, followed by HitBTC, Bitstamp and Bithumb. In addition, the european market is still absent from the top 10. Given the success of Bitcoin in the European Union, it is quite surprising to see this lack of volume of transactions in Europe.

Source : TheMerkle