The price of the Ethereum reached the $ 900 on CEX

Almost all the crypto-currencies have experienced substantial increases in recent months, including Ethereum. But with the recent news regarding the integration of Bitcoin Cash out on Coinbase, there has been a lot of uncertainty on the market of digital currencies.

Indeed, regulators around the world are now facing a very complex situation. If some have already made the decision to put in place a regulatory framework, others are still reluctant to adopt this technology. During this time, the value of the virtual currency continues to increase.

A drastic increase of the Ethereum

Ethereum has more than tripled, with a price at $ 255 three months ago and more than $ 800 today. The recovery, however, does not seem to stop, because some of the exchanges show much higher figures at market prices. On the business of trading of crypto-currencies, CEX, the value of this digital currency has crossed the bar of $ 900. But since then, it has declined. It is clear that when users start to do some research on the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general, the altcoins are interesting options for those who are looking to diversify their assets.

Check out below a video explaining how to buy Ethereum on CEX :

Ethereum exists since 2014. It presents itself as a “Smart Contract Platform” unlike Bitcoin, which is a payment solution. A contract to intelligent posing as a software that executes an action. That, once executed, cannot be stopped or changed.

Ethereum and the effect Coinbase

There is also something to do on the access to the various crypto-currencies for the new investors. Currently, due to the effect Coinbase. The virtual currency available on Coinbase are about the only ones that the average investor knows.

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The users have a tendency to invest in these crypto-currencies to the detriment of the other. With the confrontation between the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash, many consider the Ethereum as a solution more interesting.

Source : Bitcoinist